publishing issues generally

Material type Title In collection Posted Published
Scientific Utopia: II. Restructuring Incentives and Practices to Promote Truth Over Publishability
Brian A. Nosek, Jeffrey R. Spies, and Matt Motyl.
Perspectives on Psychological Science 28Mar2015 2012
Scientific Utopia: I. Opening Scientific Communication
Brian A. Nosek and Yoav Bar-Anan.
Perspectives on Psychological Science 28Mar2015 2012
Article, essay (academic) How to Write a Scholarly Book Review for Publication in a Peer-Reviewed Journal
Alexander D. Lee and others.
Journal of Chiropractic Education, The 25Jun2015 2010
Other, awaiting classification Shaping Written Knowledge
Charles Bazerman.
15Jun2015 1988 [2000]
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