The Alexander Times was the journal created and produced by the pupils of the Little School, the first school for children based on the principles of the Alexander Technique.

It was called the ‘Little School’ although its official name became ‘The F. Matthias Alexander Trust Fund School’ in 1934. It ran from 1924 until 1941 or ’42. The Little School was part of the progressive education movement, and the school should be seen in this context of the large pedagogical reform movement which swept through Western Europe in the late part of the nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century.

Existing copies of the Alexander Times cover the period 1929 to 1934, when Irene Tasker (1887–1977) was the teacher of the school, and it was housed at F. M. Alexander’s teaching practice at 16, Ashley Place, London. Irene Tasker’s educational method was chiefly shaped by Maria Montessori, William James, F. M. Alexander, and John Dewey.

The Alexander Times consisted of some of the school work – essays, poems, stories, drawings – plus reports written specifically for the journal. It was produced irregularly, sometimes every term, sometimes less often.

The Alexander Times provide a rare insight into the activities and teaching at the school. The journals constitute a primary source for any study of this pioneer school. They record the activites of the school more directly and spontaneously than other records and – crucially – unedited. The Alexander Times also provides information on the activities of the first teachers training course, including reports on the performances of The Merchant of Venice, which was played and staged by F. M. Alexander and the students of the teachers training course at both Sadler’s Wells and the Old Vic.

Reproduced in two volumes are all known eight copies of the Alexander Times. The journals are reproduced in facsimile, in colour; all pages are included.

The 1934 brochure for ‘The F. Matthias Alexander Trust Fund School’ is reproduced in an appendix.

Volume 1:
No. 1. November 1929
No. 2. Christmas 1929
No. 3. Christmas 1931
No. 4. Summer 1932

Volume 2:
No. 5. Easter 1933
No. 6. Summer 1933
No. 7. Christmas 1933
No. 8. Easter 1934

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer
Subtitle The Journal of the Little School, Volume One, 1929 – 1932 The Journal of the Little School, Volume Two, 1933 – 1934
Binding. Pages. Year. Volume 1: Paperback. 240 pages. 2017. Volume 2: Paperback. 224 pages. 2017.
ISBN Volume 1: 978-0-9954911-3-7. Volume 2: 978-0-9954911-4-4.
Size 250 x 175 mm

The Alexander Times - Volumes 1+2

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