• Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual develops the argument set forth in Alexander’s first book, Man’s Supreme Inheritance. Alexander shows that most of our movements, thoughts, and actions are dictated more by our feelings than by reasoning and that we can develop a reasoning consciousness. Instead of relying on subconscious guidance and control Alexander offers a practical remedy in the resumption of the conscious control of our whole activities.

The famous chapter “Illustration” includes a comprehensive description how to apply his method of conscious control to a simple activity. Throughout he explains the importance of sensory appreciation and discusses it in relation to a number of themes, including education, the pursuit of happiness, and the fullfillment of our needs.

This is a 'White Edition'. The white paperback books contain the essential texts: they are almost identical to the last editions Alexander was responsible for in 1945–46: the complete text of the books with the forewords and introductions published at the time (for example containing Dewey’s or Coghill’s introductions, and Alexander’s forewords and Alexander’s new forewords.)

The difference between the ‘cream’ and ‘white’ editions of Alexander’s books is that the white paperbacks do NOT contain:
Walter Carrington’s and editor’s forewords; notes on the text; endnotes; appendices or any photographs added since 1945–46 editions; index. For these please consult the ‘cream’ editions.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor F. M. Alexander
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 250 pages. 2016.
ISBN 978-0-9568498-9-2
Size 138 x 216 mm.
Errata ISBN on page 4 should read "978-0-9568498-9-2".

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

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