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This is a comprehensive introduction to the Alexander Technique. Frank P. Jones (1905-1975) trained with F. M. and A.R. Alexander 1941-44 and taught the Technique for 30 years.

Drawing on his long association with the Alexander brothers, Jones relates the story and development of the Technique. For twenty-five years Jones conducted original scientific research into the Technique using a variety of methods. The most important results are presented and Jones explains some of the underlying mechanisms at work.

This new and reset edition contains Jones' outline for a fifteenth chapter plus sketches and observations from his notebook, published here for the first time. In these "Notes on Teaching" Jones summarizes his teaching experiences and sets out principles for good teaching practice. The three appendices contain introductory talks and papers on the Alexander Technique.

Introduction by J. McVicker Hunt
Foreword to New Edition by Ted Dimon

1. Escape from the Monkey Trap: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
2. Sensory Evidence
3. Alexander's Discovery
4. Man's Supreme Inheritance
5. Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual<
6. The Use of the Self
7. The Universal Constant in Living
8. The Two Brothers
9. The Alexander Training Course
10. Trial in Johannesburg
11. Dewey and Alexander
12. Experimental Studies
13. What is the Mechanism?
14. Notes on Teaching

Appendix A: F. M. Alexander and the Re-education of Feeling
Appendix B: The Organization of Awareness
Appendix C: Awareness, Freedom and Muscular Control
Appendix D: Learning How to Learn: An Operational Definition of the Alexander Technique
Appendix E: Drafts and Notes
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Book Specifications
Author/Editor Frank P. Jones
Subtitle The Development and Science of the Alexander Technique
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 222 pages. 1996.
ISBN 978-0952557470.
Size 202 x 135 mm

Freedom to Change

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