• The Expanding Self

After having lessons in the Technique in New York, Binkley moved to London in 1950 to have lessons with F. M. Alexander and subsequently trained as a teacher (1953-57).

Often referred to as "the Binkley diaries" this is the most extensive and vivid record of how Alexander taught. Binkley re-edited his manuscript a few times over the next 30 years and included relevant paragraphs from Alexander’s books and autobiographical material, making the book a detailed and personal case history.

It shows indirectly – by the attitude expressed in the diary entries – how profoundly and subtly the Technique works.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Goddard Binkley. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.
Subtitle Hardback. 178 pages. 1993.
Binding. Pages. Year. Hardback. 178 pages. 1993.
ISBN 0951930435/978-0951930434.
Size 238 x 160 mm

The Expanding Self

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