• Articles and Lectures - 3rd edition

This is a compilation of F. M. Alexander’s articles, published letters and lectures on the Alexander Technique. The book consists of six sections:
Early Articles: The origins and development of the F. M. Alexander Technique between 1894 and 1910 can be traced in these early papers.
Published Letters: These letters provide examples of how Alexander addresses typical misunderstandings and misinterpretations of his technique.
Lectures: Three lectures survive of which two are reported almost verbatim. They were given informally and reveal Alexander’s spontaneity when talking about his technique.
Teaching Aphorisms: These aphorisms, taken from Alexander’s lessons, summarize important principles of his teaching and, in a few, concise words, make general observations about use and conscious control.
“Alexander and the Doctors”: Consists of draft material for an unfinished book.
Autobiographical Sketch: Covering Alexander’s life until his departure for London in 1904, this draft is not only a unique history of Alexander’s early life and career, but it is also a fascinating insight into the man behind the Technique. It is a portrait of an unusual and individualistic character.

 This third edition is enlarged and revised.

The new material incorporated consists mainly of the following: a complete version of the booklet “The Human Voice Cultivated and Developed for Speaking and Singing by the New Methods” (1900), five published letters by Alexander; additional aphorisms; and a draft of a letter on educational reform in Britain (1918), attributed to Alexander. In addition it contains examples of Alexander’s newspaper advertisements from the period 1905–07, as well as some early reviews of Alexander’s performances.

Extract from the book review to the first edition:

There will soon be a shortage of original superlatives once the Alexander community begins to review this book which Jean Fischer has researched, written – including 100 pages of notes and references – and published. It contains many previously unpublished papers and transcripts of Alexander’s lectures. Jean Fischer’s 'Introductory Notes' offer a lucid overview of elocution and its role that grew out of the Age of Enlightenment’s desire to emulate the orators of the ancient classical world.  . . . this really is an absolute "must" for everyone interested in Alexander and his technique.

Malcolm Williamson in STATNews, 1995.

8 pages of plates and 17 facsimiles. Preface by Walter Carrington. Introductory notes by Jean M. O. Fischer.  Notes (87 pages). References (29 pages). Bibliography (13 pages). Detailed index (14 pages).

Book Specifications
Author/Editor F. M. Alexander. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.
Subtitle Articles, Published Letters and Lectures on the F. M. Alexander Technique.
Binding. Pages. Year. Hardback. 528 pages. 2022.
ISBN 978-3903416055
Size 158 x 240 mm.
Publication History First published in 1995. White edition (without illustrations and annotations) published in paperback in 2011. Third edition enlarged and revised 2022.

Articles and Lectures - 3rd edition

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