• Taking Time
Taking Time gathers together the experiences, views and visions of six teachers who trained with F. M. Alexander, the originator of the Alexander Technique.

The interviews were carried out 1996-98 and provides a rare document and insight into Alexander’s teacher training and the teacher training of some of the early training courses.

Interviewed are: Peggy Williams (1916-2003), Walter Carrington (1915-2005), Dilys Carrington (1915-2009), Marjory Barlow (1915-2006), Elisabeth Walker (1914-2013), Anthony Spawforth (1919-2003), and Erika Whittaker (1911-2004).

Fundamental teacher training issues discussed include course structure and times, the importance of Alexander’s books, the use of the hands in teaching, rules and regulations, and the criteria for qualifying teachers.

Taking Time is essential reading for anyone involved in teacher training, and anyone wishing to understand the origins and subsequent developments of Alexander Technique teacher training.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Peggy Williams, Walter and Dilys Carrington, Marjory Barlow, Elisabeth Walker, Anthony Spawforth, Erika Whittaker, Crissman Taylor and Carmen Tarnowski. Edited by Chariclia Gounaris.
Subtitle Six interviews with first generation teachers of the Alexander Technique on Alexander Technique teacher training
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 210 pages. 2021.
ISBN 978-3950490770.
Publication History Second edition. First published by Novis (Denmark) in 2000.

Taking Time

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