Our whole self – mind and body – enters into each and every activity we engage in. Our self is our tool for doing and living. Mind and Muscle is a manual for that tool, the use of our whole self – our mind and muscles.

It explains the intimate connection between use, functioning and structure of the human organism. By understanding simple key anatomical facts about our structure and functioning and how our thoughts and emotions affect muscular behaviour, we can learn to move according to our design – with efficiency and ease.

With simplicity and clarity this handbook teaches the principles behind good use and functioning. This is more than an introduction to the Alexander Technique: it is a workbook as we are guided through experiments and observations as to our own habits and use of ourselves, and the methods for change. It teaches us how to observe our habitual use and how to change it. Progressively we are invited to make this information a practical reality, and to experience its benefits.

Topics such as body image, head and jaw movements, the importance of knowing our joints, our muscles and mood, the use of the legs, are covered with many illustrations.

Mind and Muscle is a book for anybody who wishes to prevent aches and pains in everyday life, and anybody who is keen to increase performance and rediscover a sense of well-being.

Elizabeth Langford had been teaching the Alexander Technique for 30 years when she first published this ‘owner’s handbook’. It has also been published in French and Dutch and is now becoming a classic.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Elizabeth Langford
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 280 pages. 2020.
ISBN ISBN 978-3950490749.
Size 230 x 154 mm.
Publication History First published 1999. Reprinted 2008 with minor corrections and revisions.

Mind and Muscle

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