• A Neglected Influence

John Dewey said in 1939: 'My theories of mind-body, of the co-ordination of the elements of the self and of the place of the ideas in inhibition and control of overt action required contact with the work of F. M. Alexander and in later years his brother, A.R., to transform them into realities.' This 1958 Ph. D. thesis examines the influence Alexander had on John Dewey. It introduces the Technique and its history and relates the history of Alexander and Dewey's friendship. It describes Dewey's philosophical turning-point which took place in the period of their first meetings. A detailed comparison is made between MSI and Dewey's Human Nature and Conduct, and Alexander's influence is shown in several of Dewey's other works. New edition contains three additional articles by John Dewey, C. M. Turbayne; and Alexander Murray.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Eric David McCormack
Subtitle Frederick Matthias Alexander and John Dewey
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 2014. 234 pages.
ISBN 978-0956849816
Size 230 x 154 mm
Errata p. 20, line 5: for ‘United Stales’ read ‘United States’. p. 21, fourth paragraph, line 2: for ‘United Stales’ read ‘United States’. p. 30, line 2: for ‘pulling’ read ‘putting’.

A Neglected Influence

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