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In More Talk of Alexander Dr Barlow has carefully selected 36 articles on many and varied facets of the Alexander Technique including education, psychology, theology, art, science, and medicine.              

Among the many impressive contributors are: Aldous Huxley, John Dewey, Marjory Barlow (Alexander’s niece), Dr Nina Meyer, Dr Robin Skynner, Dr Grahame Fagg, Dr Peter Macdonald, Fr Geoffrey Curtis, and the Nobel-prize winner, Professor Nikolaas Tinbergen.              

Barlow has also included articles critical of the Technique: his report on the libel action which Alexander brought and won in South Africa, Dr Skynner’s impression of his first twelve lessons, and Dr Barlow’s own recommendations for the qualities pupils should seek in a teacher of the Technique.


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Introduction by Dr Wilfred Barlow

The Teaching of F Matthias Alexander by Marjory Alexander Barlow
A Diary of Lessons with Alexander by Louise Morgan
Opening Address of Mr J H Hanson in the South Africa Libel Trial
The Meaning of Misuse by Dr Wilfred Barlow

A Psychophysical Education by Aldous Huxley
The Barrier of Habit by John Dewey
The F Matthias Alexander Technique and its Relation to Education by I G Griffith
Physical Education Research by Dr Wilfred Barlow:
1 An investigation into kinaesthesia; 2 An investigation into postural deformity

Preoccupation with the Disconnected by John Dewey
Anxiety and Muscle Tension by Dr Wilfred Barlow
Alexander's View of Psychoanalysis by Marjory Alexander Barlow<
Jung and Alexander: The Common Ground by Dr Nina Meyer
The Process of Growth by Dr Robin Skynner
Hide or Seek by Dorothea Wallis
The Deeper Significance of Posture and Movement by Dr Grahame Fagg

End-Gaining and Means-Whereby by Aldous Huxley
The Alexander Principle and some Spiritual Disciplines by Fr Geoffrey Curtis
Ordering: A correspondence between Dr Wilfred Barlow and Fr Geoffrey Curtis

Alexander's Ideas and Visual Art by Dr Wilfred Barlow
A Painter's Training by George J D Bruce
Musicians and the Technique by Hugo Cole
Research at The Royal College of Music by Dr Wilfred Barlow
The Indirect Approach to Singing by Joyce Warrack
Tension and the Actor by Joyce Wodeman
The Alexander Technique and the Actor by John Gray

Mr Alexander's Use of Scientific Method by Professor A E Heath
Use and Misuse in Evolutionary Perspective by N Tinbergen
Alexander's Meeting with Coghill by Edward H Owen
The Total Pattern of Behaviour by Dr Wilfred Barlow

Ethology and Stress Diseases by N Tinbergen
Instinct and Functioning in Health and Disease by Dr Peter Macdonald
The Alexander Technique and Back Disorders by Eric de Peyer
Medical Aspects of the Alexander Technique by Dr Wilfred Barlow

The First Twelve Lessons by Dr Robin Skynner
The South African Legal Action
What Sort of Alexander Teacher? by Dr Wilfred Barlow

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Book Specifications
Author/Editor Edited by Dr Wilfred Barlow
Subtitle Aspects of the Alexander Technique
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 340 pages. 2005.
ISBN 0575024356. 2005: ISBN 978-0954352271.
Size 216 x 138 mm.
Errata Page 99: the last line of the paragraph - “and none in the lowest grade” - appears below the fig. 16 instead of above. This has pushed the last line of the caption on to the top of page 100. Page 102: the last line of the paragraph - “and fig 17b (male)” - appears below the fig. 17 instead of above. Dorothea Wallis wishes it to be known that she does not understand the change of the title of her article from “A ring at the door” to “Hide or seek” (p. 144).

More Talk of Alexander

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