• F. M. Alexander 1949-50 [DVD]

This DVD contains the only known film footage of F. Matthias Alexander. Two short films – six minutes in total – were made at Alexander’s home in Ashley Place, London, in 1949 and 1950, and show him teaching his technique. There was no original soundtrack, but Walter Carrington, who trained with Alexander in the 1930s, added a narration to this footage in 1988.              

Also featured here - for the first time - are Marjorie Barstow’s home movies from 1931 and 1932. These show Alexander, family members and friends at informal gatherings at Penhill House. They also contain footage of her fellow students who were on Alexander’s first teacher training course, and the only existing footage of the students working on each other.              

The accompanying 32-page booklet identifies the students and teachers seen in these unique shots and provides biographical information.

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Binding. Pages. Year. DVD-R. 55 minutes. 2010.

F. M. Alexander 1949-50 [DVD]

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