• Remembering Walter Carrington

A compilation of over 100 contributions provides an affectionate tribute to Walter Carrington (1915-2005).

These are memories of pupils’ and teachers’ experiences of Walter Carrington. They are tributes to Carrington’s teaching and personality, in particular his embodiment of the principles of the Technique are emphasised. For those who knew Walter Carrington, they do make the reader remember him.

Walter Hadrian Marshall Carrington (1915-2005) was chosen by F.M. Alexander to assist him in the training of teachers - and he faithfully carried on that work for fifty years after Alexander's death, in addition to giving innumerable private lessons. He was a remarkable teacher whose work continues to influence thousands of lives. This compilation of over 100 contributions from his pupils is more than an affectionate tribute to a great man. Informative, entertaining, and often moving, it preserves for future generations an impression of the man and his teaching - a blend of skill, erudition, humour, courage and profound kindliness. The heart of the book consists of pupils' memories, to which are added a list of Walter's published works, the text of three of his last lectures, hitherto unpublished information about his war service, an extract from a personal letter, and the tributes at the Memorial Service.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Edited by Elizabeth Langford.
Subtitle Keystone of the Alexander Technique.
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 215 pages. 2006.
ISBN 908084912x / 978-9080849129.

Remembering Walter Carrington

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