• The Alexander Technique in Conversation

A gem of a book for Alexander Technique teachers. More an interview than a conversation, nevertheless the informal style enables the authors to cover many areas of the Technique. Nicholls and Carey avoid getting lost in technicalities or lengthy arguments and in this way much information is made accessible to the lay reader; however, this is not an introduction to the Technique and is addressed mainly to teachers. It covers areas such as: cure versus development, emotional reactions and feelings, natural good use versus conscious good use, practicalities of teaching and the teacher-student relationship.

The 1991 paperback is a revised and expanded edition of the 1985 ringbound edition, and contains the appendix contains Nicholls' Memorial lecture: 'The Alexander Technique in a larger context.'

NOTE: Because this book has been in boxes in storage for almost 30 years, many copies have warped spines.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor John Nicholls and Seán Carey.
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 122 pages. 1991.
ISBN ISBN 0951916904 / 978-0951916902.
Publication History The first edition was published in spiralbound in 1985. 61 A4-pages.

The Alexander Technique in Conversation

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