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Now in paperback: Irene Tasker – Her Life and Work with the Alexander Technique by Regina Stratil.

It is a second edition, with minor corrections, an improved index, and a new foreword, by Ruth Rootberg. Paperback. 486 pages. Published: 25 June 2022.


This is the third edition of Articles and Lectures, revised and enlarged of the 1995 (first) edition. 528 pp + 8 photo pp including appendices, 339 notes, 809 references, bibliography, detailed index.

Hardback. 528 pages. Published 25 May 2022.

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This special edition contains facsimile editions of F. M. Alexander’s book Man’s Supreme Inheritance (1910), the booklet ‘Man’s Supreme Inheritance Addenda’ (1911), and the short book Conscious Control (1912). With an introduction by Jean M. O. Fischer and a detailed index.

Paperback. 372 pages. Published: 25 November 2021.

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This 4-volume Mouritz edition – 1418 pages in total – reproduces the entire contents of the 1948 transcripts of the “South African Libel Case”. Each item has been numbered and dated to guide the reader as to the chronological order. The appendix contains more material on and summaries of the case. First published as a PDF in 2016. Sold as a set.

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The new Mouritz website is now live:

The new site brings together the old sites ( and into a new platform supported by a more powerful Content Management System on a faster hosting service.

The front page provides short-cuts to the main sections and the new system provides more comprehensive search facilities.

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Anatomy in Action – The Dynamic Muscular Systems that Create and Sustain the Moving Body
by Theodore Dimon
Paperback. 336 pages. 2021.
Published: 19 October 2021


Mouritz Award logo2021 Prizes

The Mouritz Award for Writing on the Alexander Technique:

Congratulations to Michele Capalbo who has been awarded a second prize for her "Whispered Vowels for Singers: A Discussion and Exploration". To be published.

Submission date

10th June 2021. See submission rules for how to submit.

Announcement of winners date

1st September 2021.


  • Dr Miriam Wohl
  • Malcolm Williamson
  • Jean M. O. Fischer
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Alexander Technique for Actors - A Practical Course

by Penny O’Connor.

Paperback. 293 pages.

Published: 29 July 2021 by Nick Hern Books (UK).


A new item in the Mouritz Library:

“A Quiet Street” – Ashley Place Car Owner Resents Police Action 1928. 4 pages.

An unsigned article in The West London Press – Chelsea News, Friday 27 April 1928, p. 3.

It reports on Mr F. M. Alexander appearing before the Westminster Police Court charged with his car being an “obstruction” when parked in front of 16, Ashley Place. (A car parked where it might be considered causing an obstruction was equivalent to today’s parking offence.) Despite attempting a robust defence Alexander was fined for two instances of causing an... Read full story...


Kindle edition of Freedom to Change by F. P. Jones is now available on Amazon.

Update on previous announcement re the Kindle editions of the White Editions of Alexander's A&L, MSI, CCC and UCL: Due to some mistake by Amazon these books were not available in all territories. It has now been sorted and they should now be available on all Amazon websites.