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Material type Title In collection Posted Published
Book, introductory and general Finding Quiet Strength
Judith Kleinman.
29Aug2022 2022
Book (unspecified type) Humanual (A Manual for Being Human)
Betsy Polatin.
04May2021 2020
Study guide or workbook It's Yours Sixty Seconds
Patricia Lassalle.
04May2021 2011
Book (unspecified type) Indications on Constructive Awareness
Daniel McGowan.
04May2021 2010
Book (unspecified type) The Practice of Presence
Patty de Llosa.
04May2021 2006
Book (unspecified type) Going Mental
Daniel McGowan.
04May2021 2000
Book (unspecified type) Constructive Awareness
Daniel McGowan.
04May2021 1997
Book (unspecified type) The Sacred Portable Now
Daniel Singer and Marcella B. Weiner.
04May2021 1997
Booklet A Meditation on the Alexander Technique
Merran Joy Popple and Cliff Crego.
04May2021 1995
Other thesis or dissertation The Whole Being
Cynthia Grant.
04May2021 1994
Book (unspecified type) The Alexander Technique and Autobiographical Writing
Joan Diamond.
04May2021 1994
Booklet The Alexander Technique and the Principles of Self-Transformation
Alex Maunder.
04May2021 1993
Booklet Similarities between Krishnamurti's teachings and the F. M. Alexander Technique
Jean M. O. Fischer.
04May2021 1989
Booklet The Alexander Technique in a Larger Context
John Nicholls.
04May2021 1986
Booklet The Body: A Matter of Meaning
Meredith Page.
04May2021 1984
Book (unspecified type) F. Matthias Alexander and the Creative Advance of the Individual
George C. Bowden.
04May2021 1965
Booklet Quotations Selected from The Creative Advance of the Individual
George C. Bowden. Edited by Eva Webb.
04May2021 1963
Book (unspecified type) Some Talk of Alexander
George C. Bowden.
04May2021 1957
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