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ATLAS trial

Material type Title In collection Posted Published
Companion etc article, entry Research into the benefits of the Alexander Technique (entry in the Mouritz Companion)
Jean M. O. Fischer (for Companion Articles only).
Mouritz Companion 07Mar2019 2019
Article, essay (academic) Self-efficacy and self-care-related outcomes following Alexander Technique lessons for people with chronic neck pain in the ATLAS randomised, controlled trial
Julia Woodman, Kathleen J. Ballard, and others.
European Journal of Integrative Medicine 24Jan2018 2017
Article, essay (academic) Alexander Technique Lessons or Acupuncture Sessions for Persons With Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Trial
Hugh MacPherson, Julia Woodman, Kathleen J. Ballard, and others.
Annals of Internal Medicine 27Dec2015 2015
Other, awaiting classification ATLAS Trial - COMPare project results 27Dec2015 2015
Article, essay (academic) Alexander Technique Lessons, Acupuncture Sessions or usual care for patients with chronic neck pain (ATLAS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
Hugh MacPherson, Kathleen J. Ballard, Julia Woodman, and others.
Trials 27Dec2015 2013
Article, essay (academic) ATLAS Trial - ISRCTN entry SRCTN15186354 ISRCTN Trials Register 27Dec2015 2012
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