Muscle Management for Musicians

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216 x 138 mm.
ISBN 978-0810851344
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This is predominantly for therapists using muscle testing (also called kinesiology in the UK). The Alexander Technique is repeatedly referred to.

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Whereas most studies are directed at scientists or artists, this book uniquely presents information from both disciplines which will be comprehensible and valuable to both physicians and musicians alike. The book aims to fill the gap that exists between musicians and the therapists who treat them, as well as to be useful to touring musicians when they have no immediate medical help available. Muscle Management for Musicians describes and illustrates the basic anatomy of more than 70 muscles, clarifying their use in playing specific musical instruments. Corrective massage points, holding points, and appropriate nutrition are all identified, as are the many postural and emotional causes of the muscular problems encountered by musicians. Throughout the text, Andrews makes helpful reference to the widely-accepted Alexander Technique of muscle management and expresses her solutions in plain, simple English, that will make them easily accessible and safe for musicians. Touring musicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists will all find this a valuable resource in understanding the unique challenges faced by serious musicians.