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The Alexander Technique - Seeing with Fresh Eyes Gentian Rahtz. 2022
The Alexander Technique Roger Myall Hart. 2020
The Alexander Technique for Young Musicians Fuensanta Zambrana, Judith Kleinman, and Peter Buckoke. Edited by Harry Buckoke. 2019
Alexander in Primary Education Sue Merry. 2018
For the Love of Games Rossella Buono and Anne Mallen. 2018
Alexander in Secondary and Tertiary Education Judith Kleinman. 2018
Wake Up – Notice with Interest John Carpmael. 2017
Which way is up? Talks from my training course Carolyn Nicholls. 2014
Hands on the back of the chair Carolyn Nicholls. 2014
Confidence Tricks - Presenter Alan Mars. 2013
It's Yours Sixty Seconds Patricia Lassalle. 2011
Indications on Constructive Awareness Daniel McGowan. 2010
Lessons with Miss Goldie Penelope Easten. 2004
The Labyrinth of Gar Sue Merry. 2004
The Performance Paradox Roy Palmer. 2001
The Alexander Technique [Audio CD] Sonia de Jode. 2001
Alexander Technique Relaxation Sessions [Audio CD] Anita Grey. 2001
Breathe [Audio CD] Kirsten Harris. 2000
Walking with Your Horse [Audio CD] Kirsten Harris. 2000
Going Mental Daniel McGowan. 2000
Relax-in-time Vol. 1 [Audio tape] Ken Thompson. 1999
Coming Home To You [Audio CD] Duncan Coppock. 1999
Defining the Alexander Technique Tim Soar. 1999
The Art of Swimming Video [Video tape] Steven Shaw. 1998
Release into Balance Robin Simmons. 1998
Making Space [Audio tape] Kirsten Harris. 1997
Alexander Work Tape [Audio tape] Sue Laurie. 1997
Take the Brakes Off Your Body [Video tape] Gail Barlow. 1996
Towards a Physiology of the F. M. Alexander Technique Chris (Christopher) Stevens. 1995
A Workshop for Musicians [Video tape] Vivien Mackie. 1994
Medical and Physiological Aspects of the Alexander Technique (2nd edition) Chris (Christopher) Stevens. 1994
The Alexander Technique and the Principles of Self-Transformation Alex Maunder. 1993
Riding Success Without Stress [Audio tape] Joni Bentley. 1993
Body Sense [Casette tape] Sally Tottle. 1992
The Evolution of Low Back Pain John Gorman. 1992
Alexander Technique as Alexander Defined it Researched and compiled by Jørgen Haahr. 1992
Alexander Technique [Audio tape] Glyn Williams. 1991
F. M. Alexander Technique Jørgen Haahr. 1991
On Learning and Teaching the Alexander Technique Kathleen J. Ballard. 1990
Similarities between Krishnamurti's teachings and the F. M. Alexander Technique Jean M. O. Fischer. 1989
The Alexander Technique in the Preparation and Performance of Music Nelly Ben-Or. 1988
Voice and the Alexander Technique Ron Murdock. 1988
Voice and the Alexander Technique [Audio tape] Ron Murdock. 1988
Medical and Physiological Aspects of the Alexander Technique Chris (Christopher) Stevens. 1988
Notes Towards a Method for Training Alexander Teachers Carolyn (Lynn) Nicholls. 1986
The Alexander Technique in Conversation John Nicholls and Sean Carey. 1985
The Cause of Lumbar Back Pain John Gorman. 1983
Interview with Peggy Williams, An Glen Park. 1982
Choice of Habit (Manuscript edition) Jack Vinten Fenton. 1971
The Teaching of F. Matthias Alexander Marjory Barlow. 1966
In Search of Health Mary P. Lord. 1962
Maintaining Nature's Safety Margin Eric de Peyer. 1955
The Place of Posture in Health Charles Neil. 1937