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How to Write a Scholarly Book Review for Publication in a Peer-Reviewed Journal Alexander D. Lee and others. 2010 Journal of Chiropractic Education, The
Alexander Technique Lessons, Acupuncture Sessions or usual care for patients with chronic neck pain (ATLAS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial Hugh MacPherson, Kathleen J. Ballard, Julia Woodman, and others. 2013 Trials
Efficacy of the Alexander Technique in treating chronic non-specific neck pain: A randomized controlled trial Romy Lauche, Mareike Schuth, Myriam Schwickert, and others. 2015 Clinical Rehabilitation
Alexander Technique Lessons or Acupuncture Sessions for Persons With Chronic Neck Pain: A Randomized Trial Hugh MacPherson, Julia Woodman, Kathleen J. Ballard, and others. 2015 Annals of Internal Medicine 653-662
The Relationship between Mental and Somatic Practices and Wisdom Patrick B. Williams and others. 2016 PLOS ONE
Reductions in co-contraction following neuromuscular re-education in people with knee osteoarthritis Stephen J. Preece, Timothy W. Cacciatore, and others. 2016 BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 1-12
"I never thought I could do that": Findings from an Alexander Technique pilot group for older people with a fear of falling Lesley Glover, Jane D. Clappison, and others. 2017 European Journal of Integrative Medicine 79-85
Self-efficacy and self-care-related outcomes following Alexander Technique lessons for people with chronic neck pain in the ATLAS randomised, controlled trial Julia Woodman, Kathleen J. Ballard, and others. 2017 European Journal of Integrative Medicine 64-71
Journal of Somaesthetics Richard Shusterman and others. N/A