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Shields, Andrew Andrew Shields
Shoop, Tanya Tanya Shoop
Shusterman, Richard Richard Shusterman
Shyles, Len Len Shyles
Sihto, Juha Juha Sihto
Simmons, Robin Robin Simmons
Simpkins, Mary Mary Simpkins
Singer, Daniel Daniel Singer
Smallwood, Jonathan Jonathan Smallwood
Smith, Dr Millard Dr Millard Smith
Smith, Lawrence Lawrence Smith
Smith, Roger Roger Smith
Smith, Stephanie Stephanie Smith
Smithford, Kathaleen S. Kathaleen S. Smithford
Soar, Tim Tim Soar
Sokolsky, Mara Mara Sokolsky
Sontag, Jerry Jerry Sontag
Soriano, Christina T. Christina T. Soriano
Spawforth, Anthony Anthony Spawforth
Spies, Jeffrey R. Jeffrey R. Spies
Spindler, Sofía Sofía Spindler
Stahlberger, Christina Christina Stahlberger
Stallibrass, Chloe Chloe Stallibrass
Staring, Jeroen Jeroen Staring
Steinmüller, Wolfgang Wolfgang Steinmüller
Stenhouse, David David Stenhouse
Stenning, Michael Michael Stenning
Stern, Jack T. Jack T. Stern
Stevens, Chris (Christopher) Chris (Christopher) Stevens
Stevens, Christine Christine Stevens
Stone, Robert B. Robert B. Stone
Stransky, Judith Judith Stransky
Strasser, Freddie Freddie Strasser
Stratil, Regina Regina Stratil
Sue Fleming Sue Fleming
Tapaninen, Sirpa Sirpa Tapaninen
Tarnowski, Carmen Carmen Tarnowski
Tasker, Irene Irene Tasker
Taylor, Anthony J. Anthony J. Taylor
Taylor, Crissman Crissman Taylor
Taylor, Harold Harold Taylor
Test, Add Add Test
Testing, Urlalias Urlalias Testing
Thame, Sue Sue Thame
Thapen, Kamal Kamal Thapen
The People's Collective The People's Collective
Thomas, Claude Anshin Claude Anshin Thomas
Thompson, Ken Ken Thompson
Thompson, Tommy (Lester W.) Tommy (Lester W.) Thompson
Thorogood, Horace Horace Thorogood
Thorp, G. L. G. L. Thorp
Tift, Jana Jana Tift
Tobias, Phillip V. Phillip V. Tobias
Tolson, Mark Mark Tolson
Tom, Erna Erna Tom
Tomasella, Saverio Saverio Tomasella
Toner, John John Toner
Tottle, Sally Sally Tottle
Trevelyan, George L. George L. Trevelyan
Tschaikowski, Walter Walter Tschaikowski
Turbayne, C. M. C. M. Turbayne
Ulli Pawlas Ulli Pawlas
Vall, Leland Leland Vall
Vanier, Luc Luc Vanier
Vassalio, Alejandra Alejandra Vassalio
Vaughan, Rosa Rosa Vaughan
Velden, Alex van der Alex van der Velden
Verleger, Dr. Cirsten Dr. Cirsten Verleger
Vigurs, Judy Judy Vigurs
Vineyard, Missy Missy Vineyard
Vining, David David Vining
Voparil, Christopher J. Christopher J. Voparil
Vos, R., Willems, D. and Houtepen, R. R. Vos, D. Willems and R. Houtepen
Walker, Elisabeth Elisabeth Walker
Walsh, James James Walsh
Walsh, Nanette Nanette Walsh
Warden, Amelia C. Amelia C. Warden
Ware, Mark Mark Ware
Warren, Lee Lee Warren
Wass, Victoria Victoria Wass
Wastie, Heather Heather Wastie
Waterfield, Polly Polly Waterfield
Waterhouse, Elisabeth Elisabeth Waterhouse
Webb, Eva Eva Webb
Weed, Donald L. Donald L. Weed
Weedon, Penelope Penelope Weedon
Wehner, Renate Renate Wehner
Weiner, Marcella B. Marcella B. Weiner
Weiss, Maria Maria Weiss
Weissenberg, Joseph Joseph Weissenberg
Wenger, Christy I. Christy I. Wenger
Westfeldt, Lulie Lulie Westfeldt
Wheelhouse, Frances Frances Wheelhouse
Whitehead, Anne Anne Whitehead
Whittaker, Erika Erika Whittaker
Wichert, Angelika Angelika Wichert
Wielopolska, Kitty Merrick Kitty Merrick Wielopolska
Wiese, Wanja Wanja Wiese
Williams, Glyn Glyn Williams
Williams, Patrick B. Patrick B. Williams