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Name First name / last name
Bronec, Rose Rose Bronec
Brown, Lucy Lucy Brown
Brown, Olive Lyle Olive Lyle Brown
Brown, Richard Richard Brown
Brown, Ron Ron Brown
Brunhoff, Agnès de Agnès de Brunhoff
Bryant, Fiona Fiona Bryant
Buckoke, Harry Harry Buckoke
Buckoke, Peter Peter Buckoke
Buono, Rossella Rossella Buono
Buonomo, Elizabeth A. Elizabeth A. Buonomo
Burge, Paul Paul Burge
Butler, Mary Mary Butler
Buzan, Tony Tony Buzan
Byles, Marie Beuzeville Marie Beuzeville Byles
Cacciatore, Timothy W. Timothy W. Cacciatore
Cady, Kay Kay Cady
Callard, Felicity Felicity Callard
Caplan, Deborah Deborah Caplan
Caplan, Stephen Stephen Caplan
Carbonnel, Joel Joel Carbonnel
Carey, Sean Sean Carey
Carmona, Bernard Bernard Carmona
Carpmael, John John Carpmael
Carpmael, John John Carpmael
Carrington, Dilys Dilys Carrington
Carrington, Walter H. M. Walter H. M. Carrington
Casals Girons, Nœria Nœria Casals Girons
Cates, Christopher J Christopher J Cates
Chagnon, Isabelle Isabelle Chagnon
Chance, Jeremy Jeremy Chance
Chance, Victoria Victoria Chance
Chandler, Robert Robert Chandler
Chapman, Karyn Karyn Chapman
Chevilly, Catherine de Catherine de Chevilly
Cinque, Angelo Angelo Cinque
Clappison, Jane D. Jane D. Clappison
Clark, Jean Jean Clark
Coaker, Norwood Norwood Coaker
Coblentz, Wendy Wendy Coblentz
Codman, Katharine B. Katharine B. Codman
Coghill, George E. George E. Coghill
Cohen, Ariel Ariel Cohen
Cohen, Rajal G. Rajal G. Cohen
Cohen, Rivka Rivka Cohen
Cohen-Nehemia, M. M. Cohen-Nehemia
Collins, Barry Barry Collins
Colyer, Ron Ron Colyer
Committee on Being a Scientist, National Academies National Academies Committee on Being a Scientist
Conable, Barbara Barbara Conable
Conable, William William Conable
Connington, Bill Bill Connington
Cook, Paul Paul Cook
Cooper, Anna Anna Cooper
Cooper, Stephen Stephen Cooper
Coppock, Duncan Duncan Coppock
Costin, Janette Janette Costin
Cotton, Philippe Philippe Cotton
Cox, Candace Candace Cox
Crane-Godreau, Mardi A. Mardi A. Crane-Godreau
Cranz, Galen Galen Cranz
Crawford, Alison Alison Crawford
Craze, Richard Richard Craze
Crego, Cliff Cliff Crego
Cross, Ian Ian Cross
Cusack, Sinead Sinead Cusack
Cushman, Sandra Bain Sandra Bain Cushman
Dale, Caroline Caroline Dale
Dalton, Thomas C. Thomas C. Dalton
Daoust, Yvette Yvette Daoust
Dart, Raymond A. Raymond A. Dart
Davies, Robertson Robertson Davies
Davies, Trevor Allan Trevor Allan Davies
Dawley, Nancy Nancy Dawley
Dawson, Major A. J. Major A. J. Dawson
Day, Jeanne Jeanne Day
de Jode, Sonia Sonia de Jode
de Kock, Shirley Shirley de Kock
Deane, Katherine Katherine Deane
DeAngelis, Lisa Lisa DeAngelis
Dennis, Jane A Dennis, Jane A
Dennis, Ron Ron Dennis
Derbyshire, Mary Mary Derbyshire
Devitt-Dawson, Diana Diana Devitt-Dawson
Devree, Howard Howard Devree
Dewey, John John Dewey
Di Paolo, Ezequiel A. Ezequiel A. Di Paolo
Diab, Aliaa A. Aliaa A. Diab
Diamond, Joan Joan Diamond
Diamond, Ruth Ruth Diamond
Dillon, Grant Grant Dillon
Dimon (Jr.), Theodore (Ted) Theodore (Ted) Dimon (Jr.)
Dohnalová, Sárka Sárka Dohnalová
Donnell, Michéle Mac Michéle Mac Donnell
Donnison, Erica Erica Donnison
Door, Brian Brian Door
Drake, Angela Angela Drake
Drake, Jonathan Jonathan Drake
Dumayer Kangas, Denise Denise Dumayer Kangas
Dvash, Liora Liora Dvash