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The Posture Theory

Some Additional Considerations - The Physical Basis for Hypochondria
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219 x 157 mm.
ISBN 0958539014
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10th Edition 1999.
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A rambling collection of quotations from books and magazines on everything on posture and health (more specifically any connection between posture and illness or disease) interspersed with the author's own opinion. The section on the Alexander Technique is far from accurate. The author, without having had lessons in the Technique, says that the emphasis in the Technique is being placed on a 'psychological cause of postural problems and symptoms and I did not think that was correct, or relevant.' He concludes that he suspects Alexander had a spinal deformity and that the Technique was appropriate for him and 'for other people with similar deformities' (p. 661). The book is though good as a sort of anthology on the many ideas regarding posture which has been suggested the last 200 years. Incidentally, 'hypochondria' in the author's usage means 'below the rib cartilages'.
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The Posture Theory was first published as an essay in 1980. In 1993 I was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live with no hope of a cure but I was cured by a stem cell transplant 6 years later. During that time I wrote 11 editions of a book about posture amounting to 1000 pages, and sold it to school and public libraries so that parents and teachers could know how to prevent the next generation of children from developing the illnesses which I have experienced.