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The Congress Papers: An Ongoing Discovery

6th International Congress 1999, Freiburg
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Alexander Technique
198 x 126 mm.
ISBN 0951930486 / 978-0951930489
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32 papers of varying quality from the Congress in Freiburg.
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32 papers from the 1999 International Congress in Freiburg. Emotion, concepts, Communication and spirituality were the key topics of the Congress.
Foreword by Congress Directors, Preface by Michael D. Frederick, ‘Keynote Address’ by Tony Spawforth, ‘Alexander and Emotion’ by Walter Carrington, ‘Emotions’ by Mary Cox, ‘Spirituality: Part One’ by Claude AnShin Thomas, ‘Spirituality: Part Two’ by Purna Steinitz, ‘Communication’ by Cathy Madden and Jeremy Chance, ‘Concepts’ by Lucia Walker and Kevan Martin, ‘The Use of the Self in Ancient Egyptian and Classical Greek Cultures’ by Hans Georg Brecklinghaus, ‘Making Good Use of Complementarity: A Possible Lesson from Science’ by Ernst Peter Fischer, ‘Marjory Barlow Masterclass, ‘Notes from a Workshop’ by Elisabeth Walker, ‘Conversations with Erika Whittaker’ interviewed by Bruce Fertman, ‘The Cranio-Sacral System: Its hidden in&Mac223;uence and its support in an Alexander lesson’ by Hillegonda Boode, ‘A Sideways Look at the Alexander Technique’ by Jean Clark, ‘The Primary Control: Some Personal Views’ by Rivka Cohen, ‘The ‘Pivotal’ Role of the Chair in the Alexander Technique: A Reconsideration and a Proposal’ by Galen Cranz, ‘A Turn of Heart’ by Bruce Fertman, ‘Exciting New Research with signi&Mac222;cance for the Alexander Technique’ by Dr David Garlick, ‘How did we get here? Developmental Movement and the Alexander Technique’ by Robin Gilmore, ‘Using the Five Principles: Concentrating on the lunge, toes and heels, and walking’ by Avi Granit, ‘Communication and Vocal Use for the Alexander Teacher’ by Jane Heirich, ‘Discovering the Moment of Choice’ by John Hunter, ‘Educating the Public’ by Elizabeth Langford, ‘Inhibition’ Parts One to Five by Marie Françoise Le Foll, Ulrich Funke, Katja Cavagnac, Santiago Sempere, and Richard M. Gummere, Jr, ‘Using the Arms: The Ancestry of the Human Arm’ by Jamie McDowell, ‘How do you feel about being an Alexander Teacher?’ by Robin Möckli-Cowper, ‘Alexander Technique in movement and dance improvisation’ by Elisabeth Molle and Renate Wehner, ‘The Use of the Self: doing and non-doing’ by Peter Ribeaux, ‘The Dart Procedures’ by Robin Simmons, ‘Unreliable Sensory Appreciation’ by Ken Thompson, ‘Sun and Moon’ by Tommy Thompson, and the poem ‘Sun Eclipse’ by Carol Levin. A diverse and eclectic collection, reasonably priced for 320 pages.