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The Alexander Technique Birth Book (Mouritz 2006 edition)

A guide to better pregnancy, natural birth and parenthood
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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz 2006 edition
ISBN 0954352254 / 978-0954352257
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Reset edition with minor emendations.
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Richly illustrated, it shows women how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth using the Alexander Technique.
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This book shows how to apply the Technique to all stages of pregnancy and how to achieve a more natural birth. It gives a brief history of childbirth and of the Technique. It describes how to improve body use in everyday activities and suggests simple and gentle exercises to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth with step-by-step photos. The last two chapters explain how to recover after the delivery and how to nurture the child’s development by being aware of his/her use. Ilana Machover is also a National Childbirth Trust teacher.
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Presenting a new and inspiring approach to all aspects of childbearing, this richly illustrated, practical book shows women how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth using the Alexander Technique.

It shows how, by achieving an overall improvement in balance and movement, the mother's experience can be transformed, with countless benefits to her own health and the baby's development.

As well as explaining how many of the health problems associated with pregnancy can be traced back to faulty body use, the authors show how the Technique can be used to achieve a more natural birth, reducing the need for medical intervention. The authors also give useful advice on how to get back into shape after a birth, and how to nurture your child's development.

Ilana Machover is a childbirth educator, Alexander Technique teacher and mother. She gives classes for pregnant women. Jonathan Drake is an experienced Alexander Technique teacher and the author of two previous books on the Technique.

Foreword by Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons.

First published 1993 by Robinson Publishing, London, and Sterling Publishing, New York. Re-issued by Robinson as Pregnancy and Birth the Alexander Way. Second edition published 1st March 2006 by Mouritz.

Paperback, 204 pages, 234 x 156 mm, 154 b/w photos and 14 drawings. Printed on 115 gsm Fineblade Extra.


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About the Authors
Foreword by Sinead Cusack and
Jeremy Irons

Chapter 1 Why the Alexander Technique?
Preparation for Birth
A Brief History of Childbirth
What is the Alexander Technique?
Learning the Alexander Technique
Pregnancy and Birth

Chapter 2 Early Pregnancy
Changes in Your Body During Pregnancy
Body Use in Everyday Life during Pregnancy
Practical Work in Early Pregnancy

Chapter 3 Later Pregnancy
Movements from Lying Down
Movements from Kneeling on All Fours
Back-to-back with a Partner
Movements from Monkey and Lunge
Whispered and Vocalized ‘Ah’
Pelvic Floor Exercises and Massage
Preparing for Labour

Chapter 4 Giving Birth
The First Stage
Using Water in Labour
The Third Stage
Karoline’s Story

Chapter 5 You and Your Baby
Looking After Yourself
Your Baby’s Development

Chapter 6 Our Children’s Potential: Alexander’s Insights
How We Go Wrong
The Great Education Debate
Early Childhood
Alexander’s Insights into Education and What it could Be
What You Can Do