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The Alexander Technique As I See It (Mouritz Edition)

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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz Edition
144 x 222 mm.
ISBN 0954352297 / 978-0954352295
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2nd revised edition with additional material. Includes bonus DVD.

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The Alexander Technique As I See It is an established classic in the world of the Alexander Technique. Patrick J. Macdonald (1910-1991) was a world-renowned teacher of the Technique. This is his only book. The original manuscript - rescued from a water damaged room - was written over many years. Since its publication in 1989, it has provided an enduring insight into the Technique by one of its foremost exponents.
'Notebook Jottings' are reflections from Macdonald's teaching. 'Alexander's Discovery' summarises how Alexander developed his technique. 'Learning the Technique' contains Macdonald's view of the essential elements of the Technique. 'Why We Learn the Technique' gives examples of the how the Technique is applied, including some very illuminating case histories. 'Teaching the Technique' describes the nature of teaching, especially with regard to hands-on work.
Macdonald's 1963 F. M. Alexander Annual Memorial Lecture, 'Giving Directions, Doing and Non-Doing' was included in the 1989 book.
This updated edition contains new material, including previously unpublished interviews with Macdonald. Macdonald's laconic and concise style gets straight to the point and reflects the experiences of one of the most senior and influential teachers who had trained with F. M. Alexander.

'You must learn to get out of the teacher's way, learn to get out of your own way, then learn to get out of IT's way.'
Patrick J. Macdonald

The book comes with a bonus DVD: 'The Alexander Technique with Patrick Macdonald' produced by Freddie Strasser in 1986.