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The Alexander Technique and Autobiographical Writing: Review by Bridget Belgrave.

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Joan Diamond's workbook tells of a structured process using the principles of the Alexander Technique to “rinse the past out of your body and onto the page”. This process takes place at the crossroads between the Technique, therapy and creativity. It can draw out the deepest habits of our childhood, which have their part to play in our use.

Joan draws a distinction between the technical side of the work – freeing the neck, etc. – and what this autobiographical work has added to her teaching, which is a heart open to hear the life journey of the student, to stand alongside them on this level as they let go of old ways and choose new ones.

As well as the process itself, and a reminder that this is group work only to be undertaken with the safety net provided by its particular structure, the book includes twenty-four examples of writing carried out in this way.

Here we have a rare book; one that describes the application of the Alexander Technique to a truly psycho-physical activity.

The process shows how students can use the Technique in such a way that they can move more deeply into their memories, and their hearts.

With so many books on the Technique focusing on the merits of better bending, standing, etc. it is good to read something that shows the usefulness of the Technique to this soul level of development and exploration.

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