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Personally Speaking (Mouritz 2001 edition)

Walter Carrington on the F. M. Alexander Technique in discussion with Sean Carey
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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz 2001 edition
196 x 126 mm.
ISBN 095255741X / 978-0952557418
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Second revised edition. (First published as Walter Carrington on the Alexander Technique.)

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Discussions on the origins and developments of the Technique and on many aspects of teaching.

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First published as ‘Walter Carrington on the Alexander Technique in discussion with Seán Carey’ in 1986. (Not to be confused with the 1992 Explaining the Alexander Technique which is a different book). Walter Carrington conveys the historical context of the Technique; specifically, he describes the origins of some of the basic procedures. He relates how Alexander taught, and discusses developments in his 55-year teaching career, both in private lessons and in his training course. The use of hands in teaching is discussed in detail. The appendix contains Carrington’s diary of his first lessons with Alexander in 1935. Enlarged and revised edition. Index.

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Walter Carrington trained with F. M. Alexander in the 1930s and has been training teachers in the Technique continuously since 1946. Here heshares his large teaching experience - among the many subjects covered is the development and evolution of specific teaching procedures, for example the use of the hands in teaching.
This revised and enlarged edition offers many fascinating insights into the history and the teaching of the Alexander Technique.

In these conversations with Seán Carey, Walter Carrington speaks candidly about developments in the teaching of the Technique. He provides the historical context of the Technique as it is taught today, covering basic procedures such as the whispered"ah", hands on the back of the chair,"monkey" and lying down work. Going back to origins of these procedures, Carrington describes how Alexander taught, both in lessons and on his training course, and a clear picture emerges not only of Alexander as a teacher but also of the man behind the Technique.

After Alexander's death in 1955 Walter Carrington continued the training course which Alexander had started. He explains how his approach to the training of teachers evolved through developments like saddle work, creeping on all fours and the Dart procedures.

A significant part of the book is devoted to practical teaching considerations. Here Walter Carrington's 55 years teaching experience is particularly revealing and he offers much guidance and advice, not least upon such an important concern as the use of hands in teaching.

The Appendix contains Walter Carrington's diary of his first lessons wth F. M. Alexander in 1935 - here published for the first time.

First published 1986 (Sheildrake Press). Second edition published May 2001 by Mouritz.

Paperback, 160 pages, 196 x 126 mm. Index. Printed on 80 gsm acid-free paper.


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Introduction by John Nicholls
Part I: Origins
Part II: Context
Part III: Teaching
Appendix: Diary of First Lessons wth F. M. Alexander in 1935
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