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Open MIND collection

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Alexander Technique
ISBN: 978-3-95857-102-0
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From Thomas Metzinger's introduction:

1 What is this?
This is an edited collection of 39 original papers and as many commentaries and replies. The target papers and replies were written by senior members of the MIND Group, while all commentaries were written by junior group members. All papers and commentaries have undergone a rigorous process of anonymous peer review,  during which the junior members of the MIND Group acted as reviewers. The final versions of all the target articles, commentaries and replies have undergone additional editorial review.

Besides offering a cross-section of ongoing, cutting-edge research in philosophy and cognitive science, this collection is also intended to  be a free electronic resource for teaching.

The collection was discussed in an early news article on the ASO site, partly from the perspective of its approach to peer review and publishing.

The collection is downloadable as a single PDF file (80MB), or each paper can be downloaded individually.