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Moving with Ease

The Alexander Technique
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Alexander Technique
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Attempts to keep our bodies fit and healthy will often lead us to undesired results. The harder we push, we figure, the better we'll be. But it's not usually true. Repetition and effort can often lead to unexpected injury - a shoulder that freezes up, a chronic ache in your hip. Then too there are the stresses of everyday work - stiff neck, headaches, lower back pain, tiredness, and jaw tension. To top it all off, as we age, our bodies change, they aren't as tough as they used to be. We find that we must move more carefully, slow down. We begin to loose our balance, our posture starts to collapse.

With this DVD you will learn a technique, a way of 'thinking with your body', that can dramatically improve ease, freedom, and fluid balance. With practice you'll find yourself able to do all of physical activities with less effort, less tension, and better results.

Through a series of simple physical movements you will explore the principles of the psycho-physical approach, the Alexander Technique.


The principles of the Alexander Technique

Basic information about your joints and bones

A set of integrating movements to help you practice using your body for greater ease.