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Moving to Learn

A Classroom Guide to Understanding and Using Good Body Mechanics
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Alexander Technique
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A comprehensive example of a manual for Alexander Technique classroom teaching for 5-13 years old.
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An impressive, comprehensive and thorough manual for classroom teaching. It is a curriculum of learning activities that actively engage children in a ‘scientific hands-on exploration of human body use potential, using the guiding principles and concepts of the Alexander Technique.’ Through experimenting, inquiring, and questioning, children are guided in their learning about themselves as a living structures, formed of the muscles, joints and skeletons. The mechanical aspects of use dominate, and terms and concepts covered include load, pull and push, gravity, tension, resistance, compression, elastic response, balance, mechanical advantage, levers and forces. Transcripts from sessions provide examples of how to direct questioning and attention in a desired direction. The curriculum presented is for 5-13 years old but it can easily be adapted for older age groups.