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Movement and Posture (AI-generated text)

Simple tips to improve your posture, permanently fix rounded shoulders, reset your arms, shoulder, neck and back with the Alexander Technique workbook
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128 x 204 mm.
ISBN-13: 979-8398327809
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Very short, no pictures, containing bland, stock posture exercises along the lines of "don't slouch", "keep your alignment". Possibly an AI-generated book.

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This is a short article rather than a book, with only 65-70 words per page as it is set in a very large font size with double line-spacing. (In total I estimate it to contain less than 5,000 words. Even a short paperback book would contain some 30,000 words.) It contains no pictures, no bibliography, nothing about the author or her credentials for writing about the Alexander Technique.

It briefly touches upon the existence of such concepts as primary control and non-doing, but does not apply any of the principles of the Technique to the all the corrective exercises which take up most of the "book".

The advice is along the lines of "Try to maintain good posture by avoiding slouching or arching your back too much" (p. 44), and "Make sure to walk with good posture by keeping your head, shoulders, and hips aligned and upright" (p. 45).

For "extra material" the book advises you to look for "workshops, online course, or credible websites" (p. 102).

This appears to be AI-generated text. The author name is "Ananya Eliana" who released 48 books on the same day, 14 June 2023, on many different health subjects (exercises - pain relief exercises, libido exercises, etc. - diets - liver cleanse diet, lactose diet, etc. - as well as healing, mediation, yoga, crystal healing, allergies and you name it).

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Discover the Keys to Perfect Movement and Posture! With "The Alexander Technique Workbook," you'll learn how to improve your posture, permanently fix rounded shoulders, and reset your arms, shoulders, neck, and back.

Are you weary of slouching, feeling uncomfortable, and being weighted down by bad posture? "The Alexander Technique Workbook" is your vital guide to beautiful, fluid movement and posture that will change your life.

This enthralling book will teach you practical and revolutionary skills that will change the way you carry yourself. With the Alexander Technique, you can say goodbye to rounded shoulders, tense necks, and painful backs.

In Chapter 1, you'll learn the keys of proper posture. Discover the significance of posture and how it affects your general well-being. Learn simple ideas and exercises to improve your posture and get immediate pain relief. Use confident and upright body language to your advantage.

The second chapter addresses rounded shoulders, a frequent posture issue. Dive into the Alexander Technique's tried-and-true ways for permanently resolving rounded shoulders. Discover the underlying causes of this problem and explore practical workouts and stretches to restore your shoulders to their natural posture.

Begin a revolutionary journey to reset your arms, shoulders, neck, and back in Chapter 3. Investigate the interdependence of these areas and the critical function they play in overall posture. Learn simple strategies for releasing tension, increasing mobility, and restoring equilibrium. Enjoy the sensation of effortless movement and newfound freedom.

The Alexander Technique Workbook is more than just exercises. Discover the concepts and philosophy that behind this incredible approach in Chapter 4. Learn about the body-mind link and the various intricacies of movement. As you unlock your body's potential for healthy posture and coordination, embrace mindfulness and self-awareness.

Chapter 5 ties everything together through practical application and integration. Discover how to apply the Alexander Technique in your daily life and activities. Learn how to maintain proper posture while sitting, standing, walking, and performing daily duties. As you establish a lifelong habit of optimal posture, witness the transformative power of mindfulness and aware movement.

The road to perfect mobility and posture is ahead of you. You'll discover the keys to effortless grace and alignment with "The Alexander Technique Workbook" as your trustworthy companion. As you embrace a new chapter of freedom, vigor, and self-expression, say goodbye to discomfort, stress, and rounded shoulders.

Unleash your body's true potential and revel in the pleasures of perfect movement and posture. Don't put it off any longer—start your journey to a healthier, happier you with "The Alexander Technique Workbook." Your body will appreciate it!