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Alexander Technique
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An important collection of historic material republished by Mouritz (Jean Fischer), much of it from archives and otherwise unavailable.

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Title of work By Pages
Reviews and notices of F. M. Alexander’s theatre performances 1901-02. Part 1: 1901 (various creators).
Reviews and notices of F. M. Alexander’s theatre performances 1901-02. Part 2: 1902 (various creators).
The Lady of the Deep C (anon. - unknown author).
Alexander vs. Loraine 1909 (various creators).
Extract from Letters to Papers in Madras and Bombay Major A. J. Dawson.
Extracts from The Ghost in the White House Gerald Stanley Lee.
The Significance of the Brain Stem in Muscle Tone and Sense of Position (anon. - unknown author).
Conscious Evolution and Conscious Control James Walsh.
Animal Posture: The Croonian Lecture Rudolf Magnus.
On Some Results of Studies in the Physiology of Posture Rudolf Magnus.
A Hand–Reading of F. Matthias Alexander Charlotte Wolff.
The Alexander Society Bulletins and Letters George L. Trevelyan and Gurney MacInnes.
Teaching F. M. Alexander’s Technique in a Boys’ Preparatory Boarding School 1936-39 Gurney MacInnes.
A Study in Infant Development Alma Frank.
Tests of Principle in Physical Education George L. Trevelyan.
F. M. Alexander Aphorisms 1939 F. Matthias Alexander. Edited by Lulie Westfeldt.
Editorial: Quackery Versus Physical Education Ernst Jokl.
Evidence on Commission: Two Hearings (various creators).
Damages: Two Judgments re damages (various creators).
Judgment: Alexander vs Jokl and others (various creators).
A Review of the Case of Alexander vs. Cluver, Jokl & Clarke Norwood Coaker.
Analysis of the Basic Traits in the Handwriting of M.A Peter Marshall.
Experiences of an Ashley Place Pupil (anon. - unknown author).
Changing the Pattern of Behaviour Kenneth J. Maconochie.
Two Letters in 'Health for All' Margaret Goldie.
Mature Consideration of the Work of F. M. Alexander Andrew Rugg-Gunn. Edited by Alexander Murray.
Posture and Allied Processes in Man Andrew Rugg-Gunn.
Interview Notes Edward H. Owen.
Some Notes on the Books of F. Matthias Alexander Ian Mackrill.
Extracts from The Little History Francis J. Mott.
The Discovery and Use of the Eye Order in Teaching the Alexander Work Kitty Merrick Wielopolska.
Alexander and Irving Walter H. M. Carrington.
The Lost Sixth Sense David Garlick.
F. M. Alexander 1949-50 [DVD booklet in German] F. Matthias Alexander, Walter H. M. Carrington, and Marjorie Barstow.
Charles A. Neil - Recollections Alexander Murray.
Contents pages of the South Africal Libel Case Transcript Jean M. O. Fischer.
Reflections on my Work with Frank Pierce Jones in Light of my Other Experiences with the Alexander Technique Joe Armstrong.
Pressure, Pain and Parenting Eve Bernfeld.
Alexander Technique Training Course Family Tree Jean M. O. Fischer.
Index to the Irene Tasker biography Regina Stratil.
Index to F. M. Alexander's Letters volumes 1+2 Jean M. O. Fischer.
A review of Jeroen Staring’s writings on the Alexander Technique Jean M. O. Fischer.
Results of the survey on the position of mechanical advantage Jean M. O. Fischer.
Notes on Penelope Easten’s The Alexander Technique – Twelve Fundamentals of Integrated Movement Jean M. O. Fischer.
Articles and Lectures - 2-pages A5 advertisement flyer Jean M. O. Fischer.