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Marjorie Barstow, Her Teaching and Training

A 90th Birthday Offering
Edited by Barbara Conable.
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Alexander Technique
230 x 154 mm.
ISBN 978-0956849885
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3rd edition. 31 black and white illustrations.
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A collection of 39 papers documenting personal experiences of Marj's work.
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Subtitled A 90th Birthday Offering this is a Festschrift in celebration of Marjorie Barstow's teaching. 39 people who have worked with Marjorie - some of them teachers - have each written a eulogy. Most relate their own story, personal experiences of the effects on themselves of Marj's work, and recollections of incidences which exemplify her approach. These are personal accounts and the notes and observations of Marj's teaching are related as they happened, i.e. not organised. The book is a testimony to the impressive experiences people have had over the years.
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Marjorie Barstow pioneered a new way of teaching the Alexander Technique in a group setting, which is still taught worldwide by her teachers and their students today.

Marjorie Barstow (1899-1995) trained with F. M. Alexander on his first teacher training course (1931-1934). She assisted Alexander's brother, A. R. Alexander in the 1930s before returning to her home in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

This Festschrift of 39 articles was written in appreciation of her innovative approach to the teaching of the Alexander Technique. As Barstow wrote very little herself this is a unique record of one of the most influential teachers of the Alexander Technique.

She preferred to work with her students on activities such as walking, cutting vegetables, playing the violin, addressing an audience, etc. She emphasized the mental aspect of the Technique: how our thinking determines our movement. For her a lesson was a dialogue, and she prodded her students with questions which stimulated them into their taking an active part in learning as well as responsibility for their own use. She was involved in the means-whereby, in the process of finding out, of experimenting. She did not teach 'final answers' but a way of working things out.

This collection is rare because it constitutes first-hand accounts of Barstow's teaching. Many articles contain quotes and notes from Barstow's workshops. They also include personal reflections on the transformative journey the Alexander Technique process brings about as well as eulogies to Barstow's extraordinary powers of observation and her practical application of Alexander's technique. They bring to life her wit and warmth and her search for simplicity in teaching the Technique.

Introduction by Barbara Conable

'Let Us Now Praise Marjorie Barstow' by Frank Ottiwell
'In the Process of Moving' by Marguerite Fishman
'The Intending Mind' by Martha Hansen Fertman
'The Great Cauliflower' by Arro Beaulieu
'Marjorie Barstow' by William Conable
'Some Reflections of Marj's Teaching' by Robert M. Rickover
'A Process That Continues . . .' by Catherine Madden
'F. M. Alexander and the Scientific Method' by David Mills
'Alexander and ASL' by Catherine Kettrick
'Interview with Michael Frederick' by Barbara and Bill Conable
'Learning to Learn' by Nancy Forst Williamson
'Freeing My Voice' by Jane Clanton Bick
'Earn It Anew' by Bruce Fertman
'A Teacher's Perspective of Feelings' by Jeremy Chance
'Reflections on Lessons' with Marj by Saura Bartner
'Learning with Marjorie Barstow' by Lucy Venable
'Excerpts from Journal, Annotated 1971-1978' by Sarah Barker
'Constructive Thinking in the Individual: The Teaching of Marjorie Barstow' by Jean-Louis Rodrigue
'Some Observations on Studying with Marj' by Lena Frederick
'An Impression of Marjorie BarstowÕs Teaching' by Larry Ball
'Contribution to a Book by Marjorie's Students' by Aase Beaulieu
'Delicate Self Discipline' by Marilou Chacey
'Working with Marj' by Meade Andrews
'The Joy of Learning' by Diana Bradley
'Marj as Inspiration' by Jan Baty
'Working with Marjorie Barstow' by Stacy Gehman
'What Are You Thinking? What Do You Notice?' by Heather Kroll
'My Lessons with Marj' by Kelly Mernaugh
'My Experiences with the Alexander Technique and Marj Barstow' by Alice Pryor
'From Portland to Lincoln' by John M. Wynhausen
'UP' by Shirlee Dodge
'Some Lessons and Their Lessons' by Kevin Ruddell
'My Two Trainings' by Eileen Troberman
'The Alexander Technique and Aikido' by Peter Trimmer
'Musing with a Master' by Janet OÕBrien Stillwell
'The Contributions of Marjorie L. Barstow to the Study of Human Reaction and the Art of Constructive Change' by James Kandik
'Explorations of Time in the Spirit of Marj' by Barbara Conable
'For a Darn Good Reason' by Donald L. Weed
'Marjorie Barstow' by Richard M. Gummere, Jr.

A. Preface by Marjorie Barstow to 'The Use of the Self'
B. Photographs of Marjorie Barstow by Kevin Ruddell
C. Photograph from 3rd International Congress by Holly Sweeney