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Man's Supreme Inheritance (Indexed Mouritz edition)

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Alexander Technique
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This is the scholarly edition of the work and could reasonably be described as "Edited by Jean Fischer".  

It is described as follows in the Mouritz bibliography:

Alexander’s first book. This is Alexander’s final 1946 edition with additional material from earlier editions with notes on changes made.

Refer to the Mouritz bibliography entry for further details.


Title of work By Pages
MSI Foreword Walter H. M. Carrington. ix-x
MSI Preface to New Edition [1945] F. Matthias Alexander. xi-xviii
MSI Preface to First Edition [1910] F. Matthias Alexander. xix-xxii
MSI To My Reader F. Matthias Alexander. xxiii-xxiv
MSI Introductory Word John Dewey. xxv-xxvii
MSI Professor John Dewey's Reply to a Reviewer of MSI John Dewey. xxvii-xxix
MSI Another Letter from the Pen of Professor John Dewey John Dewey. xxix-xxxi
MSI Appreciation received from Professor Frank Granger [...] Professor Frank Granger. xxxi-xxxii
MSI Extract from an Article in the Expositor, September 1918, by Professor Frank Granger, D.Litt. Professor Frank Granger. xxxii
MSI Appreciation Received From the Rev. J. H. Jowett, M.A., D.D., LL.D. Rev. John Henry Jowett. xxxii
MSI Appreciation received from Professor H. M. Kallen [...] Professor Horace. M. Kallen. xxxiii-xxxv
MSI A Note on the Text Jean M. O. Fischer. xxxvi-xxxviii
MSI Appendix A: Text from the 1910 edition of MSI, omitted from later editions F. Matthias Alexander. 211-218
MSI Appendix B: A case history from Conscious Control (1912) omitted from later editions F. Matthias Alexander. 218
MSI Appendix C: Text omitted from the 1946 edition but which appeared in the 1918 and 1941 editions F. Matthias Alexander. 219-221
MSI Appendix D: Excerpts from reviews of Man's Supreme Inheritance (1910) (anon. - unknown reviewer). 222-224
MSI Appendix E: Review of MSI: "Health and Hygiene - A Revolutionary Thesis", The Onlooker, 22 October 1910 (anon. - unknown reviewer). 224-226
MSI Appendix F: Excerpts from reviews of Man's Supreme Inheritance (1918) (various creators). 226-229
MSI Appendix G: Review of MSI: "Making Over the Body" by Randolph Bourne in the New Republic, 11 May 1918 Randolph Bourne. 229-231
MSI Appendix H: Appreciation of Man's Supreme Inheritance (1918) by Dr. A. C. Barnes Dr. Albert C. Barnes. 231-232
MSI Appendix I: A Printing History of Man's Supreme Inheritance Jean M. O. Fischer. 233-235
MSI Appendix J: Textual Origins of the 1918 Edition Jean M. O. Fischer. 235-238