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Foreword - Jonathan Crary and Sanford Kwinter
Regimes, Pathways, Subjects - Felix Guattari
When Man ((tm)) is On the Menu - Donna Haraway
Machine and Organism - Georges Canguilhelm
Torque: The New Kinaesthetic of the Twentieth-Century - Hillel Schwart
Nonorganic Life - Manuel DeLanda
Angular Momentum - Ana Barrado
Neurasthenia and Modernity - Anson Rabinach
Radiography, Cinematography and the Decline of the Lens - Lisa Cartwright and Brian Goldfarb
The Living Machine: Psychology as Organology - Didier Deleule
Artificiality and Enlightenment: From Sociobiology to Biosociality - Paul Rabinow
War and Medicinema - Victor Bouillion
Tadeusz Kantor - Heidi Gilpin
Circles, Lines, and Bits - Klaus Theweleit
Horror Autotoxicus - John O'Neill
Project for a Glossary of the 20th Century - J.G. Ballard
Mediators - Gilles Deleuze
The Genesis of the Individual - Gilbert Simondon
The Reenchantment of the Concrete - Francisco Varela
Arbeit Medaillion - Elaine Scarry
Case No. 00-17163 - Diller and Scolfidio
Metametazoa: Biology and Multiplicity - Dorion Sagan
Intentionality - Jean-Paul Sartre
The Construction of Perception - Leif Finkel
Biology and Beauty - Frederick Turner
Unfolding Events - Peter Eisenman
Full Metal Jacket - Bill Krohn
Robocop - Mark Poster
Performance - Nina Rosenblatt
Aliens - Paul Virilio
My Crasy Life - Jean-Pierre Gorin
Techniques of the Body - Marcel Mauss
Spine, City, Form - Peter Fend
Dancing Bodies - Susan Foster
Hygiene, Cuisine and the Product World - Ellen Lupton and J.A. Miller
Toward a Biopsychiatry - Francois Dagognet
The Influencing Machine - Victor Tausk
Mappings: A Chronology of Remote Sensing - Judith Barry
Biological Ramparts - Ronald Jones
Epidemics of the Will - Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick
Passio Perpetuae - Leone and Macdonald
Virtual Systems - Allucquere Roseanne Stone
The Myth of the Clean War - Paul Rogers
Ethology: Spinoza and Us - Gilles Deleuze


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Techniques of the Body Marcel Mauss. 70-88