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Health and Education Through Self-Mastery

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Alexander Technique
134 x 202 mm.
ISBN 978-0995491199
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Health and Education Through Self-Mastery, first published in 1933, is a general introduction to F. M. Alexander's work and his technique. It was the first book on the Alexander Technique not written by F. M. Alexander.

Ludovici explains that our ability to consciously use ourselves has not evolved satisfactorily and that the reflexes involved in keeping us upright have become associated with a misdirection of use. Magnus's discovery - that the relative position of the head to the neck and to the body exercises a profound influence both on bodily coordination and on the tone of the muscles concerned - is quoted in support of Alexander's work.

Ludovici then takes the example of Professor L. P. Jacks' articles on 'Morals and the Crisis' to illustrate the common, large gap between precept and practice. Alexander's technique bridges that gap.

Finally, Ludovici relates his personal experiences of having undergone a series of lessons with Alexander, testifying to the remarkable changes the Technique can bring about.

This new edition also contains extracts from Ludovici's other writings where he describes and discusses the Alexander Technique; from four books (Man: An Indictment 1927, The Truth About Childbirth 1937, The Four Pillars of Health 1945, Religions for Infidels 1961); one article ('A Newton of Health' 1944); and an extract from his unpublished memoirs (1961) in which he relates writing Health and Education.