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F. Matthias Alexander: The Man and His Work (Mouritz 1998 edition)

Memoirs of Training in the Alexander Technique 1931-34
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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz 1998 edition
216 x 138 mm.
ISBN 0952557428 / 978-0952557425
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With a new appendix: A review by Marjory Barlow of the first (1964) edition.
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A personal and critical account of Alexander and his teaching.
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This is a personal and critical account of Alexander and his teaching. Westfeldt (1895-1965) relates her own case history (she had childhood polio) and describes her lessons with Alexander, training on the first course, performing in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and teaching the Technique in New York. The Technique is described and several case histories are provided. This second edition contains 15 new photographs and 3 new appendices.
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Lulie Westfeldt was the only teacher from F. M. Alexander's first teacher training course to write extensively about her experiences both as a student and as a teacher of the Technique.
As well as providing an authentic and critical account of Alexander's teaching Lulie Westfeldt explains the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique.

As a child Lulie Westfeldt suffered from polio and she underwent several operations but these failed to help her. In her book she relates the remarkable beneficial effects which the Technique had on her physical and mental health and well-being. The many case histories from her teaching illustrate the Technique's wide field of application.

This new edition contain 15 new illustrations. and new appendixes containing:"Review of F. Matthias Alexander: The Man and His Work" by Marjory Barlow, and newspaper reviews of"Hamlet" and"The Merchant of Venice" performed by Alexander and his students in 1934 and 1935.

First published 1964. Paperback facsimile edition October 1986. Second edition published February 1998 by Mouritz.

Paperback, 176 pages, 216 x 138 mm, 25 b/w illustrations. Printed on 90 gsm acid-free paper.


Page i, 5th line: for"Kinglsey" read"Kingsley"

page xvi, 5th line: for"jugdement" read"judgement".

List of illustrations
Author's note and acknowledgements
Author's preface
John Dewey on F. M. Alexander
Part One: Training with F. M. Alexander 1931-1934
1. My introduction to Alexander's work
2. My first series of lessons
3. Early days of the training course
4. Gradual change in my outlook on Alexander
5. Our progress in learning-some of the changes the work brought about in pupils
6. Alexander and opportunities
7. The Merchant of Venice
8. Learning to be teachers
9. A personal experience
10. Postscript to the teacher's training course
11. My teaching experience in New York City
Part Two: Alexander's discoveries
12. Alexander's discovery of the HN & B pattern
13. Detailed discussion of the head, neck and back relationship
14. Other discoveries of Alexander's
15. Alexander's technique of inhibition
16. Summary and evaluation
Part Three: Appendixes
A. Clarification of terms 1) and 2)
B. Comments of John Dewey, Sir Charles Sherrington and G. E. Coghill on Alexander's search and discovery
C. Review by Marjory Barlow of Lulie Westfeldt's"F. Matthias Alexander"
D. Two letters on Hamlet
E. Newspaper reviews of Hamlet