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Dare to be Wrong (Mouritz 2020 edition)

The Teachings of Judith Leibowitz
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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz 2020 edition
208 x 138 mm.
ISBN 3950490736 / 978-3950490732
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Dare to let it feel wrong. Take a chance on letting me give you an experience that you don't think is right. When you walk out of this room you can always go back to what feels right. But right now, you're allowing both of us the luxury to make a mistake.
Judith Leibowitz

Judith Leibowitz was one of America's pioneering teachers of the Alexander Technique, whose work influenced a generation of Alexander teachers. She was a founding member of the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in 1964 and taught the Alexander Technique in the Drama Division of Juilliard School of Music for many years.

With her famous simplicity and subtlety Leibowitz's teaching combined the kinaesthetic experience of her hands with explanations of the basic concepts of the Technique.

This book brings together 15 documents of Leibowitz's teaching based on transcripts taken from a wide range of situations including teaching a new student, a class of students, and also experienced teachers. Leibowitz explains the Technique as she teaches and guides her students through an activity. She covers subjects such as walking, lying-down work, mirror work, vocalizing, and the use of hands in teaching, carefully describing her step by step procedure in each case.

These talks and teaching transcripts capture the distilled experience of one of America's foremost teachers of the Alexander Technique.