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Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual (Mouritz 2004 edition)

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Alexander Technique
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Mouritz 2004 edition
231 x 154 mm.
ISBN 0954352262 / 978-0954352264
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This is Alexander's second book on his technique. It was first published in 1923. The present edition consists of Alexander's authorized 1946 edition.

    List of Illustrations
    Foreword by Walter Carrington
    Preface to New Edition
    Introduction by John Dewey
    Introductory Notes by Jean M. O. Fischer

    Part One: Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Man’s Evolutionary Development Part Two: Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Learning and Learning to Do
    I. Education and Re-Education
    II. Incorrect Conception
    III. Imperfect Sensory Appreciation
    IV. Illustration
    V. Respiratory Mechanisms
    VI. Unduly Excited Fear Reflexes, Uncontrolled Emotions and Fixed Prejudices
    VII. Psycho-Physical Equilibrium Part Three: Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Man’s Needs
    I."Knowing Oneself"
    II. Imitation
    III. Concentration and the Sustained (Continuous) Projection of Orders
    IV. Memory and Feeling
    V. Complexity and Complications in Relation to Stress and Strain
    Part Four: Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Happiness
    Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Happiness Conclusions
    Psycho-Physical Attitude Appendices
    a."A New Scientific Principle" - Review by Horace Thorogood in The Star
    b."In the Name of Science" - Review in the Yorkshire Post
    c. Review in The Scotsman
    d. Review in The Edinburgh Evening News
    e. Review in The Lancet
    f."Conscious Control" - Review in the British Medical Journal
    g."Human Skulls Dug Up by the New Psychologists" Review by Howard Devree in the New York Times
    h. Review in Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, with correspondence
    i. Review by Katharine B. Codman in The Public Health Nurse
    j."Increasing Consciousness" - Review in The Times Literary Supplement Index