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Articles and Lectures (Mouritz 2023 edition)

Articles, Published Letters and Lectures on the F. M. Alexander Technique
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Alexander Technique
130 x 198 mm.
ISBN-13: 978-3903416109.
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The white-cover paperback books of Alexander's books contain the essential texts: they are almost identical to the last editions Alexander was responsible for in 1945–46: the complete text of the books with the forewords and introductions published at the time (for example containing Dewey’s or Coghill’s introductions, and Alexander’s forewords and Alexander’s new forewords). In the case of Articles and Lectures it only contains Alexander’s writings (and hence no editorial commentary, contextualising or notes). The difference between the cream-coloured cover editions and the white-coloured cover editions of Alexander’s books is that the white paperbacks do not contain: Walter Carrington’s and editor’s forewords; notes on the text; endnotes; appendices or any photographs added since the 1945–46 editions.

The new white editions (published October-November 2023) contain an index (unlike the old white editions). A few typographical errors have been corrected in all four books.

The new white edition of Articles and Lectures is based on the 3rd edition (2022); meaning it contains new material by Alexander: a complete version of the booklet ‘The Human Voice Cultivated and Developed for Speaking and Singing by the New Methods’ (1900), five published letters by Alexander; and additional aphorisms. It does not contain any illustrations or any of the appendices in the 3rd edition.

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Articles and Lectures is a compilation of F. M. Alexander’s articles, published letters and lectures on the Alexander Technique. The book consists of six sections.
Early Articles: The origins and development of the F. M. Alexander Technique between 1894 and 1910 can be traced in these early papers. Starting with his observations on the art of elocution, they show how Alexander changed the emphasis from breathing to ‘motive power,’ the correct mental attitude and, ultimately, conscious control.
Published Letters: These are letters written in response to medical articles or to reviews of his books. They address typical misunderstandings and misinterpretations of his technique.
Lectures: Three lectures survive of which two are reported almost verbatim. They were given informally and reveal Alexander’s spontaneity when talking about his technique.
Teaching Aphorisms: These aphorisms, taken from Alexander’s lessons, summarize important principles of his teaching and make general observations about use and conscious control.
Alexander and the Doctors: Consists of draft material for the unfinished book by Ron Brown. There is a foreword, and a chapter which deals with the misunderstood rôles of ‘treatment’ and physiology in the Technique.
Autobiographical Sketch: Covering Alexander’s life until his departure for London in 1904, this draft is not only a unique history of Alexander’s early life and career, but it is also a fascinating insight into the man behind the Technique. It is a portrait of an unusual and individualistic character.