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Articles and Lectures (3rd edition)

Articles, Published Letters and Lectures on the F. M. Alexander Technique
F. Matthias Alexander. Edited and introduced by Jean M. O. Fischer. Foreword by Walter H. M. Carrington.
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Alexander Technique
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3rd edition
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3rd edition, revised and enlarged.
240 x 160 mm.
ISBN-13: 978-3903416055
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Third edition, revised and enlarged of the 1995 (first) edition. 528 pp + 8 photo pp including appendices, 339 notes, 809 references, bibliography, detailed index.

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This is a compilation of F. M. Alexander’s articles, published letters and lectures on the Alexander Technique. The book consists of six sections:
Early Articles: The origins and development of the F. M. Alexander Technique between 1894 and 1910 can be traced in these early papers.
Published Letters: These letters provide examples of how Alexander addresses typical misunderstandings and misinterpretations of his technique.
Lectures: Three lectures survive of which two are reported almost verbatim. They were given informally and reveal Alexander’s spontaneity when talking about his technique.
Teaching Aphorisms: These aphorisms, taken from Alexander’s lessons, summarize important principles of his teaching and, in a few, concise words, make general observations about use and conscious control.
“Alexander and the Doctors”: Consists of draft material for an unfinished book.
Autobiographical Sketch: Covering Alexander’s life until his departure for London in 1904, this draft is not only a unique history of Alexander’s early life and career, but it is also a fascinating insight into the man behind the Technique. It is a portrait of an unusual and individualistic character.


List of illustrations (8 pages of plates and 17 facsimiles). Preface by Walter Carrington. Introductory notes by Jean M. O. Fischer. Notes for new edition. Part One: Early Articles: “Elocution as an Accomplishment” (1894), “Speech Culture and Natural Elocution” (1895), “The Human Voice Cultivated and Developed for Speaking and Singing by the New Methods” (1900), “The Prevention and Cure of Consumption” (1903), “A Respiratory Method” (c. 1905), “Disciplinary Singing and Heart Disease” (1906), “Mr F. Matthias Alexander’s New Method of Respiratory and Vocal Re-Education” (1906), “Introduction to a New Method of Respiratory Vocal Re-Education” (1906), “The Theory and Practice of a New Method of Respiratory Re-Education” (1907), “The Dangers of Deep Breathing” (1908), “Why ‘Deep Breathing’ and Physical Culture Exercises do more Harm than Good” (1908), “Re-Education of the Kinæsthetic Systems” (1908), “Breathing and Cancer” (1909), “Why We Breathe Incorrectly” (1909), “Supplement to Re-Education of the Kinæsthetic Systems” (1910), “A Protest Against Certain Assumptions Contained in a Lecture Delivered by Dr R. H. Scanes Spicer” (1910). Part Two: Published letters: “Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual”, The Lancet (1924), “Posture in Health and Disease”, British Medical Journal (1926), “Body and Mind”, British Medical Journal (1928),“Learning How to Live”, Yorkshire Post (1932), “The Use of the Self–1, 2”, British Medical Journal (1932), “Ends and Means in Treatment”, British Journal of Physical Medicine (1948), “Rationalist Ideas and the Problem of Putting Them Into Practice–1, 2, 3” (1949), “The Alexander Technique”, New Statesman (1954). Part Three: Lectures: “An Unrecognized Principle in Human Behaviour, Child–Study Society Lecture” (1925), “The Bedford Physical Training College Lecture” (1934), “St. Dunstan’s Lecture” (1949). Part Four: Teaching Aphorisms: “Teaching Aphorisms–1, 2” (1930s). Part Five: “Alexander and the Doctors”: “Foreword to Alexander and the Doctors” (c. 1950),“Manufacturing Premises for Required Deductions” (c. 1948). Part Six: Autobiographical Sketch: “Foreword to an Autobiography” (1931), “Autobiographical Sketch” (c. 1950). Appendices: “A Letter by F. M. Alexander in The Herald (1892), F. M. Alexander’s Testimonial in “Memory Culture” (1902), “Sydney Dramatic and Operatic Conservatorium”, prospectus (1902), Excerpt from Letters received from Members of the Learned Professions who have studied Mr F. Matthias Alexander’s Respiratory Method, flyer (c. 1905), Draft of a Letter on Educational Reform attributed to F. M. Alexander (1918), A Review of F. M. Alexander’s 1896 pamphlet in The Herald (1896), A Review in The Argus (1899), A Review in The Age (1899), A Review in The Herald (1899), A Review in The Australasian (1899), A Review in Melbourne Punch (1899), A Review in Christchurch Press (1895), A Review in The New Zealand Times (1895), Advertisement in the Daily Telegraph for Alexander’s Breathing, Vocalisation, and Physical Culture (1903), Review of “The Theory and Practice of a New Method of Respiratory Re-Education” (1907), A Chronology of Alexander’s Writings on his Technique. Notes (87 pages). References (29 pages) Bibliography (13 pages). Index (14 pages).