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An Examined Life (2nd edition)

Marjory Barlow and the Alexander Technique
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Alexander Technique
214 x 138 mm.
ISBN-13: 978-3903416079
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There are lots of things that can help one on one’s way, but if this basic thing is all wrong, you’re going to get into trouble sooner or later. It’s because it is so basic. The messages that are going either consciously or unconsciously from your brain through your nervous system to your body – you can’t get any more fundamental than that.

Marjory Barlow

Marjory Barlow, a niece of F. M. Alexander, began training with Alexander as a teacher of his technique in 1933 at the age of 18. She went on to teach the Technique for the rest of her life. For many years she ran a teachers training course in the Alexander Technique with her husband, Dr Wilfred Barlow.

In these informal interviews conducted between 1995 and 2001 she shares her experiences and views of the Alexander Technique.

Marjory Barlow was firmly dedicated to preserving the essence and purity of Alexander’s technique, and these interviews elucidate her understanding of the fundamentals of the Technique. She discusses her approach to the Technique, both when working on herself and through her teaching. She covers common obstacles and misunderstandings and explains the central principles and ways of working in teaching, and so provides insights into the subtleties of applying and living the Technique.

She also revisits and re-evaluates her personal experiences of Alexander and creates a portrait of Alexander’s personality, his qualities and his individual character.

These personal reflections on her life with the Technique bring out Marjory Barlow’s warmth, wit and affection, and her respect and commitment to the Technique over seven decades.