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AmSAT Journal. No. 9

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Alexander Technique
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No. 9
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'2016 Annual Conference and General Meeting' by Tully Hall
'Alexander Technique Teachers' Convention, Ireland 2017' by Richard Brennan
10th International Alexander Technique Congress:
'The Experience of the Congress' by Mara Sokolsky
'Body-Conscious Design: Dr Galen Cranz' by Meg Jolley
'Who Changes the Change Agent?: Niall Kelly' by Kip Riecken
'A Pain The Neck: Jack Stern' by Phyllis G. Richmond
'Forward and Up into the Future: Bob Britton' by Lauren Hill
'The Supreme Art of Education: Ted Dimon' by Caitlin Freeman and Ruth Rootberg
'Michael Gelb: Three Talks' by Ruth Rootberg
Obituary: Mitsi (Efthymia) Pippa
Obituary: Joan Arnold
Obituary: Frank Ottiwell
'First F.M. Alexander Memorial Lecture 1993' by Frank Ottiwell
Remembering Frank Ottiwell by Bob Britton, Pamela Blanc, Jeanne Benioff, Barbara Kent, Simone Biase, Phyllis Gilmore, Kelly McEvenue, Michelle Obrecht, Idelle Packer, Kari Prindl, Jill Guillermo-Togawa, Elyse Shafarman
'The Zen Coach' by Emily Faulkner
'Teaching Seniors' by Wade Alexander
'Playing with Principles' by Sydney Laurel Harris and Kathryn Miranda
'Developing a Framework for Integration' by Luc Vanier and Rebbecca Nettl-Fiol
'The Nature of Habit: F.M. Alexander and John Dewey' by Serena J. Woolf
'Research: Alexander Technique and Acupuncture Found Effective in Treating Chronic Neck Pain' by Leah Wellman Quayle
Book Reviews: Paths to the Alexander Technique, Born to Sing, Cooking Up, The Evolution of Movement, The Use of the Hands in Teaching, The Thinking Teacher's Body, A New Model of Man's Conscious Development.