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AmSAT Journal. No. 8

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Alexander Technique
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No. 8
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2015 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting - Reports on Workshops and Events:
'Non-Doing - The means-whereby we cultivate the primary control' Workshop by Adam Bailey.
'Re-Set your body map: New practices for Group Work' Workshop by Clare Maxwell.
'Alexander Technique for cancer survivors and patients' Workshop by Rebecca Ferguson.
'Depth-Width-Height: Multidimensionality in the use of the self' Workshop by Ruth Kilroy.
'The impart of the Alexander Technique on emotional health' Lecture by Elizabeth Buonomo and Elizabeth Reese.
'The Alexander Technique care of the self in body and mind' Lecture and workshop for medical professionals introduced by Kitty Breen.
'More on teaching to back pain' Workshop by Kitty Breen.
'Playing for health and happiness' Workshop by Kathryn Miranda and Sydney Laurel Harris.
'Alexander Technique as a tool for self-care: Teaching our students how to work on themselves' Workshop by Brooke Lieb.
'Harmonizing Yoga with Alexander Technique' Workshop by Suzanne Faulkner.
'Integrated arms for the musician' Workshop by Karen Oosterbaan.
'Knee forward and away' Workshop by Bob Britton.
'Alexander Technique research at the Mayo Clinic' Lecture by Laurel Podulke-Smith.
'Ways of Walking: A biomechanical approach to working with groups on standing and walking' Workshop by Nancy Romita.
'Our arms and gesture' Workshop by Wendy Salkind.
'Health and well-being of musicians' Workshop by Lori Schiff.
'Clarifying the scientific foundations of the Alexander Technique' Lecture by Rajal Cohen and Molly Johnson.
'Teaching a technique from a perspective of over 50 years' Workshop by Nelly Ben-Or.
'Monkey and Hands on back of chair: The foundation of hands-on work' by Workshop by Tom Vasilliades.
'The un-habit of Tango' Workshop by Pamela Slavsky.
'Using your creative invention in teaching the Alexander principles to groups' Workshop by Bill Connington.
'Fifty-five years with the Alexander in a musician's life' Keynote speech by Nelly Ben-Or.
2015 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting - Draft minutes.
'Confusion Courage Clarity' The F. M. Alexander Memorial Address by Sumi Komo.

Obituary: Douglass Price-Williams.
Obituary: Frank Ottiwell.
'Preventing Interference' by Michael Protzel.
'Mastering a Process can help Musicians Learn the Alexander Technique' by Lorin Chisholm.
'To Use or Not to Use the Term: Constructive Rest' by Carol Boggs.
Book reviews.