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The Mouritz Articles Collection

A miscellaneous collection of articles, papers and extracts selected by Mouritz and downloadable as PDFs. Includes hard-to-find historic articles, material not published elsewhere, indexes to books, and more....

F. M. Alexander and his key concepts

This section includes a short biography of F. M. Alexander and a list of quotations illustrating the main ideas associated with his Technique

Conscious Control journal

Features past issues of Conscious Control journal published by Mouritz, and looks forward to the resumption of publication online.

The 'FMA Index'

A long-term work-in-progress aimed at building a global index for F. M. Alexander's writings, along with key works that throw light on his life and works, to help you locate that vital reference....

Explore our database

Understand and explore the bibliographic database that underpins key listings in the Mouritz website.

The Links Library (world-wide web)

Find links on the world-wide web to important Alexander resources as well as other relevant or useful websites.