The Walter Carrington Educational Trust

The charity was formed in 2010 in order to continue the work of the Constructive Teaching Centre on a charitable basis. The main activities are:

  1. teaching the Alexander Technique in a manner consistent with the training programme developed by Walter Carrington at the Constructive Teaching Centre in Holland Park, London, both to new students and to qualified teachers who wish to continue their professional development;
  2. maintaining and promoting the archives on the Alexander Technique currently held by the Constructive Teaching Centre;
  3. delivering free informal workshops for teachers of the Alexander Technique;
  4. fundraising for and, when funds allow, administering bursaries for individuals wishing to study the Alexander Technique; and
  5. providing introductory classes to the Alexander Technique for the general public.

Trustees: Christopher Carrington, Mary Anne Sutherland.

The Charity for the Walter Carrington Educational Trust is a company registered in England and Wales No. 07322855, Charity No. 1139283.