Thomas Hall

Thomas Dennison Hall (1890–1963), South African agriculturalist, and a pupil of Irene Tasker.


He obtained his degrees in agriculture at Illinois University (B.Sc.) and at Cornell University (M.Sc.). He worked for public institutions and private companies in South Africa on agricultural issues. During his time at African Explosives and Chemical Industries Ltd., he and his team made several discoveries, among them were important contributions to research into the fertilizing of veld and pastures. He was an active member of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science and the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society and a practising Methodist. Hall contributed numerous articles to agricultural and sporting journals. He was president of the South African Chemical Institute 1937–38.[1]


An extract from Hall’s presidential address to the South African Chemical Institute was published in Appendix A in The Universal Constant in Living.[2] Hall wrote a letter to The Star (Johannesburg) in 1942, in response to a review of UCL.[3]


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