The first training course students, as part of applying the Technique, experimented with playing tennis. Erika Whittaker reports:

Then we decided we would try playing tennis with our left hands. This we did in Battersea Park: keep your length, use your left hand and do things differently. Break the habit.[1]


  • ‘Love-40’ by Barbara Kent relates to her experiences of learning tennis in her ‘later years’, incorporating the Technique.[2]
  • ‘Mind tennis: Analysing the critical moment’ discusses the roles of biomechanical science, contemporary coaching and an Alexander inspired methodology of improving performance.[3]
  • ‘Kids on the court’ reports on Joe Boland’s experiences of teaching children tennis incorporating the Alexander Technique.[4]


There is a brief footage of the first training course students playing tennis in Barstow’s film footage published in DVD.[5]


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