Students at the F. Matthias Alexander Teachers’ Training Course

Students at F. Matthias Alexander Teachers’ Training Course

This listing is based on a type written document in the Walter Carrington archive collection. It covers the years Alexander ran his course, 1931–1955.

The dates specify when the students commenced their training. Most teachers qualified after three years. However, the first intake (of 1931) did an extra year of training (except Marjorie Barstow who went to assist A. R. Alexander in Boston.) Parenthesis indicates the married name where known. An asterisk (*) indicates that the student did not finish their training. A cross (†) indicates that the student later trained or finished their training with Patrick Macdonald. It has not been possible to verify the accuracy of all the names, dates and other details.

1931       Marjorie Barstow, Margaret Goldie, Catherine Merrick*† (the Countess Wielopolska), George Trevelyan, Gurney MacInnes, Jean MacInnes, Lulie Westfeldt, Erika Shumann (Whittaker), Irene Stewart.

1932       Patrick Macdonald

1933       Marjory Mechin (Barlow), Charles Neil

1934       Maxwell Alexander

1935       Miss Stallard*

1936       Walter Carrington, Eric de Peyer, Margaret Dunlop, Elizabeth Falkener, Margaret Lundie*, Harriet Whitcher*

1937       Alma Frank, Gertrude Cox*

1938       Brian Campbell, ‘Lili’ Hellstenius*, Mary McNair Scott, Peggy Saker*, Richard Walker, Elizabeth Walker, M. Boenders*

1939       J. Laing*, M. Nadler*, B. Chaskelson*, Wilfred Barlow

1940       Training course in London paused until 1944.

1940–44 F. M. Alexander spent in Boston, U. S. A. Here he and A. R. Alexander trained: Frank Pierce Jones, Helen R. Jones, Richard M. Gummere Jr., Mary Macnair-Scott, Alison Grant-Morris, Philomene Dailey.

1944:       Training course in London resumed.

1945       John Bastow, Tom Davidson, Bill Engall*, Douglas Price-Williams, Sidney Holland, Liza Lechstein, Dorothea Bell, Dorothy Drew (Morrison), Dorothy Greaves

1946       Bagnall Godwin, Rome Bell (Roberts), Isobel Giles, Frank Ladbroke, Peter Scott, Duncan Whittaker, Guy Baron, ‘Chile’ Grey (Eagar), Alan Murray, Tom Pilcher*

1947       John Skinner, Hugo Frischauer*, Peggy Nixon (Williams), John Vicary*, Mary Lord, Jim Rawsthorne*, Bertha E. Baertschi*, Alison Morris (Macdonald)

1948       Richard Baldock*, E. Martin*

1949       D. Jones*, Gordon Chadwick*, Marion Richardson*

1950       Arthur Ellens*

1951       Anthony Spawforth

1952       Bill Williams

1953       Anna Haddon*, Goddard Binkley

1954       Stewart Law*, Constance Tracey*, Winifred Dussek

1955       Jean Macklin*, Dorothy Corfe*, Ted Peacock*, Pat Peacock*†, Dilys Carrington.

This listing was published in A Time to Remember.[1]

See also Teacher Training.


[1] A Time to Remember by Walter H. M. Carrington (The Sheildrake Press, 1996), pp. 71-73.