Maxwell Alexander

Maxwell (‘Max’) Alexander (1916-1997), British teacher of the Technique and nephew to F. M. Alexander.


At the suggestion of his father, A. R. Alexander, Max Alexander trained with Alexander (1934–37). Afterwards he moved to join his father, A. R. Alexander, in Boston, where they both taught the Technique. He returned to the UK in 1939, first teaching at Ashley Place, and then joining the Territorial Army, eventually rising to the rank of major. He taught the Technique 1946-52 (in the latter years in Nottingham) and then returned to the regular Army. From 1958 until his retirement he was a financial consultant.[1] [2]


Some letters by Maxwell Alexander to F. P. Jones are with the Alexander Technique Archives, New York.

Maxwell gave a lecture on his life with the Technique at the NASTAT AGM in 1992.[3] The lecture and its publication caused several letters of protest against Maxwell’s remark that FM Alexander was not a racist but had an ‘amiable contempt for the colored races’.[4] Maxwell replied in the following issue[5] and more letters ensued.[6]


‘Max Alexander’ by MW.[7]

Maxwell Alexander *15 May 1916 – †20 March 1997.


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